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Red Hat by Mind Map: Red Hat
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Red Hat

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git reset --hard origin/str17 COMMIT! no pull    

Reset - git reset --hard origin/str17

git reset --hard origin/str17  


git checkout -b assmt -t origin/assmt



Properties are the last required piece in understanding POM basics. Maven properties are value placeholder, like properties in Ant. Their values are accessible anywhere within a POM by using the notation ${X}, where X is the property. They come in five different styles: env.X: Prefixing a variable with "env." will return the shell's environment variable. For example, ${env.PATH} contains the PATH environment variable. Note: While environment variables themselves are case-insensitive on Windows, lookup of properties is case-sensitive. In other words, while the Windows shell returns the same value for %PATH% and %Path%, Maven distinguishes between ${env.PATH} and ${env.Path}. As of Maven 2.1.0, the names of environment variables are normalized to all upper-case for the sake of reliability. project.x: A dot (.) notated path in the POM will contain the corresponding element's value. For example: 1.0 is accessible via ${project.version}. settings.x: A dot (.) notated path in the settings.xml will contain the corresponding element's value. For example: false is accessible via ${settings.offline}. Java System Properties: All properties accessible via java.lang.System.getProperties() are available as POM properties, such as ${java.home}. x: Set within a element. The value may be used as ${someVar}  





svn stat svn diff new file: svn add then commit svn ci -m "blabla" directory or file



alias cert="cd /home/cnestor/services-workspace/sd-web-code/www/www-app/www-app-certifications" alias serv="cd /home/cnestor/services-workspace/sd-services-code/certification" alias sso="cd /home/cnestor/services-workspace/sd-web-code/www/www-spring-security/sso" alias ver="cd /home/cnestor/services-workspace/sd-web-code/www/www-app/www-app-gls-cert-verify" alias jb="cd /usr/share/jbossas/server/production" alias hr="cd /home/cnestor/Documents/RedHat/Services\ Tower/Harness/certification-service-ejb-1.2.0" alias hrqa="cd /home/cnestor/Documents/RedHat/Services\ Tower/HarnessDEvQa/certification-service-ejb-1.2.0" alias sql="cd /home/cnestor/Documents/RedHat/Services\ Tower/SQL" alias sel="cd /home/cnestor/TestHarness/harness/" alias kjb='kill -9 `ps -ef | grep jbossas | grep java | awk '\''{print $2}'\''`' alias sjb='sudo service jbossas start &' alias rjb='kjb; sjb' alias ass="cd /home/cnestor/services-workspace/sd-web-code/www/www-app/www-app-assessment" alias asserv="cd /home/cnestor/services-workspace/sd-services-code/assessment" alias assadmin="cd /home/cnestor/services-workspace/sd-web-code/www/www-app/www-app-assessment-admin"