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Kambo Traffic Training by Mind Map: Kambo Traffic Training

1. The UnWritten rules of Social Media Traffic

1.1. You're on a SOCIAL network

1.1.1. Ad Vs Content Ratio

1.2. Take note of what works

1.3. People don't want to be sold on social media, but they do buy.

1.4. Remember that these are real people

1.5. Don't be a spammer

2. Getting Traffic on Social Media

2.1. Picking the right social media niche

2.1.1. Boring/embarassing niches don't work as well for virality Hemorrhoids Backpain Surfing Fishing Is it Viral? Are people willing to talk about this on a Social Network?

3. Finding REALLY targeted and Passionate Social Niches are going to work best

3.1. People who are members of specific groups

3.2. People who are members of specific Associations

3.3. Nationalities, Hobbies, Sports fans, Health Fanatics, City Natives, Careers

3.4. Let's find some passionate groups of people

3.4.1. Google

3.4.2. Amazon

3.5. Getting more targeted

3.5.1. Italian Italians from Massachusetts Italians from Boston

3.5.2. Fishing Fishing in Florida Fishing in Miami Fl

4. You've bought Kambo Xpress. Now What?

5. The #1 BIGGEST Investment you can make in your IM career?

5.1. Spending the time to find the right niche

6. Content that works best

6.1. Makes people laugh

6.2. Makes people cry

6.3. Real life scenearios

6.4. Pictures or Videos that speak to their interests