Advertising in the USA

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Advertising in the USA by Mind Map: Advertising in the USA

1. Super Bowl Ads

1.1. Known as much for its commercial advertisements as for the game itself

1.2. Average cost of a single 30-second TV spot during this game has reached $4.5 million (seen by 100 million viewers)

1.3. High-Quality productions, often with celebrities

1.4. Examples:

2. Compared to Germany/Europe

2.1. Advertisements appear in longer, but less frequent advertising breaks

2.2. around 6 minutes every half-hour

2.3. In Germany public television stations own a major share of the market

2.4. Private stations are allowed to show up to 12 minutes of advertisements per hour with a minimum of 20 minutes of programming in between interruptions

3. General Facts

3.1. Over $220 billion are spent each year

3.2. most money is spend in TV-ads

3.3. USA is largest advertising market worldwide

3.4. Revenue of over $70 billion each year

4. Types of advertising

4.1. Digital Advertising

4.2. Radio Advertising

4.3. Television Advertising

4.4. Magazine/Newspaper advertising

4.5. Outdoor and Cinema

5. Television Advertising

5.1. Most effective mass-market advertising format

5.2. Extraordinary prices --> price is related to quote --> the higher the quote, the higher the price

5.3. 1 hour of TV contains on average only 42 minutes of programming --> half an hour contains 22 minutes of programming and 8 minutes of advertising (6 min. of national ads, 2 min. of local ads)

6. Leading advertisers on the market

6.1. 1. Procter & Gamble ($4.6 billion)

6.2. 2. AT&T ($3.3 billion)

6.3. 3. General Motors Company ($3.1 billion)