The Benefits of Online Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a great technique, whether you create your maps on paper or on a computer. But online mind mapping has a number of additional benefits, which are worth looking into!

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The Benefits of Online Mind Mapping by Mind Map: The Benefits of  Online Mind Mapping

1. Simple & Intuitive

1.1. Format reflects how mind works

1.2. Add ideas anywhere on the map

1.3. Frictionless thought organization

1.4. Doesn't feel like work!

1.5. See also

1.5.1. What is online mind mapping?

2. Versatile

2.1. Note taking

2.2. Ideation

2.3. Planning

2.3.1. Projects

2.3.2. Strategies

2.3.3. Events

2.4. Presenting

2.5. Decision making

2.6. and much more!

3. Memory & Retention

3.1. From collecting dots

3.1.1. to CONNECTING dots

3.2. Visualize connections


3.4. Memory Triggers

3.4.1. Colors

3.4.2. Images

3.4.3. Structure

4. Collaboration

4.1. Cloud-based

4.1.1. Real-time collaboration

4.1.2. Access from anywhere

4.1.3. Multiple layers of security

4.2. Unlimited number of collaborators

4.3. Share ideas with others

4.4. Brainstorm, comment and vote

5. Focus

5.1. Subject always in the center

5.2. Overview of whole topic

5.3. Free of clutter

5.4. Free flow of ideas