Anne Frank (1929-1945)

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Anne Frank (1929-1945) by Mind Map: Anne Frank (1929-1945)

1. 5-The Nazis did not want to live and work in Germany. The family fled to Holland, butin 1940 the Nazis invaded Holland. On 6 July 1942 the family hid in the annexe of a house at Prinsengrancht 263 and moved in with four other Jewish friends. Anne worked intensively on her diary. For two years they never went out. Dutch friends smuggledin food for them, but life was very boring. But in October 1944 someone betrayed the secret annexe to the police.

2. 6-On 8 October 1944 she was imprisoned in Westerbork (Holland) concentarction camp. From 3 to 6 September 1944 the family was trasported on the last train from Westerbork (Holland) to Auschwitz concentration camp (Poland).

3. 7-Late March 1945 she died of exhaustion and typhoid fever.

4. 8-Only Anne's father was still aliveat the end of the war.

5. 9-His Dutch friend had found Anne's diary and kept them safe.

6. 2-On 12 June 194 (13 birthday) Anne received an autograph album that she used as diary.

7. 3-In May 1944 she began to write a second version of her diary, which she intended for pubblication, while continuing to work on her first version. She hopened to be a writer when she grew up.

8. 4-In 1934 she attended the Montessory-School and later the Jewish school.

9. 1-Anne Frank was born on June, 1929, in Frankfurt, of German nationality. She was Jewish