Stores should be allowed to spy on you

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Stores should be allowed to spy on you by Mind Map: Stores should be allowed to  spy on you

1. Reason 1

1.1. Make deals just for you so you can by the product: “They can even offer customers bargains…...Remember those Nike Free Runs you drooled over but couldn’t afford? What if you could have gotten a text with a coupon for 20 percent off before you even left the store?” ("Joshua Peters 23)

2. Reason 2

2.1. Stores and have a better understanding of what you want: Ever Googled “what causes zits” and suddenly started seeing ads for pimple cream on every website you visit? It’s not magic. It’s online tracking.” (“Joshua Peters” 23)

3. Reason 3

3.1. It can make searching and buying products easier: “Whenever something mysterious happens we ask: ‘Why can’t we hit rewind? Why can’t we go to the database?'” (“The Pros and Cons of a Surveillance Society”52)

4. Counter Argument

4.1. "Cell-phone tracking won't just save you money-it could save your favorite store from having to close it's doors forever." (Joshua Peters" 23)