"Should there be more year round school?"

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"Should there be more year round school?" by Mind Map: "Should there be more year round school?"

1. Counter Argument

2. Other side: trips could be cheaper when they take place during an abnormal time, for example a year round school break. Me: That is true, but the child with a normal school schedule would have to skip school, defeating the purpose of year round school.

3. Bibliography

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6. I think we should not give up summer vacation because "Arranging family trips can be difficult too, especially if siblings are on different school schedules."(Kelsy)

7. "Being able to bus all those students when gas is $3 a gallon would cost a lot of money. That would mean school would cost more. Some parents might have to work more, and when their kids were off, they might not be able to see them."(Stockton-Fresso Dyer)

8. Summer vacation is part of american culture for the past 120 years the U.S. has taken the season of summer to relieve stress, kick back, and enjoy the company of their family.

9. Evidence