Blogging Ideas

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Blogging Ideas by Mind Map: Blogging Ideas

1. School Life

1.1. School Activities

1.1.1. Plays and Art Festival

1.1.2. Outdoor Activities (Trips and Expeditions)

1.1.3. Projects and Assignments (What I Have Done and What I Need to Do)

1.2. Reflections and Comments

1.2.1. How I Felt About Certain Things

1.2.2. What I Think About What's Coming Up

2. Hobbies

2.1. Technology

2.1.1. How I Use It

2.1.2. Why I Like or Dislike Certain Areas

2.1.3. What I Want to Learn

2.1.4. What I Can Do

2.2. Music

2.2.1. Songs I Can Play

2.2.2. Songs I Am Learning

2.2.3. What I Like About The Instruments

2.2.4. What I Want to Learn

2.3. Sport

2.3.1. What Sports I Am Doing

2.3.2. What I Have Done

2.3.3. What Are My Goals

3. Holidays

3.1. Reflecting On Past Trips

3.1.1. What I Did

3.1.2. How I Felt

3.1.3. What I Want to Do

3.2. Where I Want to Go

3.2.1. Other Places and Things I Want to Do

4. Future Goals

4.1. What I Want to Do In the Future

4.1.1. How Am I Going To Do It Setbacks? Blockages? Advantages?

4.1.2. Why I Want To Do It Any Fantasies?

4.2. In The Near Term

4.2.1. Learning Goals Improve in My Studies Be More Confident

4.2.2. Social Goals Making New Friends Making Groups With Different People