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Consolidation of cloud services into a virtual machine by Mind Map: Consolidation of cloud services into a virtual machine
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Consolidation of cloud services into a virtual machine

Service Specification

1024 / 2048 RAM

4 Cores CPU

3TB Traffic

60GB Storage

Ubuntu 10.04 server

Pros / Cons


Price point is very attractive compared to all cloud services combined

You can virtually install ANYTHING you like

Fully in control of data, access and manipulation

Real root access - nobody but you decides what services run on the box

Easy install, reinstall / reimage of the OS in case you want to start over again

Access through "backdoor" even if you screw up SSH access / network access

Not paying for services you don't need

Flexible and scalable


Need to spend time reading through Linux documentation

Requires significant amount of time to fully setup all services

Limited support (Google is your friend) for specific services you need

Security is your problem now

Currently not a way to rollback changes (screw up = debug)

All services on 1 box / VM creates single point of failure.

You are responsible for backups

Not all web services have decent "self hosted" equivalents (like Mindmeister)

Services to migrate


Full migration possible from MediaTemple Grid Service to BuyVM

From "Shared grid service" to "Virtual Private Server"

Comparable product at MediaTemple is $50 / month (ve) service

Online Todo

Migration possible with limitations

No web based interface (like Nozbe)

No integration of Evernote with Omnifocus

Mac only


From a free test service


Migrating from Google Apps possible - only limitation is lack of push email


No self-hosted alternative which is as good as mindmeister

Note taking

Evernote is an unbeatable service - various self-hosted note synchronization are available, but not as good as EN

File sharing

Dropbox is an unbeatable service - files can be shared with Webdav but lacks decent synchronization services



BuyVM (Tier 4) - $12.95/m

Omnifocus desktop - $79 one off

Omnifocus iPad - $39 one off

Total Year 1: $273,40

Total Year 2 fwd: $155,40

Cost cut

Mediatemple GS - $20/m

Nozbe - $15/m

Strong VPN - $7/m

Total per year: $504,00

Saving Year 1

$230,60 / y

Saving Year 2

$338,60 / y


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