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DNA/marketing/development/communications by Mind Map: DNA/marketing/development/communications
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What is the time line of all the regular marketing Budget: can Amada go to 32 hours and marlon to 40? Broachure? Are we assuming some of the graphic tasks? Training?      


Printed marketing

Felecia, Brochures, postcards, Flyers, Templates for flyers, posters

Olivia, Design intern

On-line/Interactive Marketing

Marlon, Content and media management, Main site, Social Networks, Facebook, DNA World, My Space, when relevant, Newsletter, Flickr, KIOSKS, Design and development, New site, tracker, strategies, on-line communication, Media Production, Previews, Interviews, Customer/audience indicators, Statistics, Surveys, lists segmentation, On-line indicators, Search engine optimization, Viral Presence, On-line PR, Boggers, Google Alerts, Communirt building, Programming dance/new media

Kelley, Networks intern. to be defined

PR /marketing/time line

Amanda, Press Releases, Adds, Selling buying adds, On-line listings




Education./school, Florence, katheen, Ann

Producers, Janessa


Other organizaton