Preliminary state of DNA marketing/developmenttransitional

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DNA/marketing/development/communications by Mind Map: DNA/marketing/development/communications

1. people+tasks

1.1. Printed marketing

1.1.1. Felecia Brochures postcards Flyers Templates for flyers posters

1.1.2. Olivia Design intern

1.2. On-line/Interactive Marketing

1.2.1. Marlon Content and media management Main site Social Networks Newsletter Flickr KIOSKS Design and development New site tracker strategies on-line communication Media Production Previews Interviews Customer/audience indicators Statistics On-line indicators On-line PR Programming dance/new media

1.2.2. Kelley Networks intern. to be defined

1.3. PR /marketing/time line

1.3.1. Amanda Press Releases Adds Selling buying adds On-line listings

2. clients


2.1.1. Campain STRATEGIC PLAN

2.1.2. Education./school Florence katheen Ann

2.1.3. Producers Janessa

2.2. external

2.2.1. Other organizaton