Skimming and Scanning

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Skimming and Scanning by Mind Map: Skimming and  Scanning

1. Skimming

1.1. is a method of rapidly moving the eyes over text wiht the purpose of getting only the main ideas and general overview of the content

1.1.1. is useful in three different situations Pre-reading Reviewing Reading

1.1.2. Steps in skimming an article Read the tittle Read the introduction or lead Read the firts paragraph completely Read the first sentence of each remaining paragraph

1.1.3. mastering the art of skimming effectively requires that you use it as frequently as possible

1.1.4. Skimming can usually be accomplished at about 1000 word per minute

2. Scanning

2.1. rapidly covers a great deal of material in order to locate a specific fact or piece of information

2.1.1. scanning is very useful for finding a specific name, date, statistic, or fact without reading the entire article

2.1.2. steps in scanning an article keep in mind at all times what it is you are searching for anticipate in what form the information is likely to appear--numbers, proper nouns analyze the organization of the content before starting to scan let your eyes run rapidly over several lines of print at a time

2.1.3. in scanning, you must be willing to skip over large sections of text without reading or understanding them