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Edna Brown by Mind Map: Edna Brown
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Edna Brown

D-Toledo Ohio Senate 11th District

Money From Edna Brown

Ohio Rep. Matt Szollosi. R-Toledo $30

Money to Edna Brown

Mark Luetke $150

Sylvania City City Council

OH Rep. Mike Ashford. D-Toledo $550


Ohio Rep.Teresa Fedor. D-Toledo $1,100

Anita Lopez $100

Lucas County Auditor

Vallie Bowman-English $132

Toledo Clerk

Fred Strahorn $500

D-Candidate for Ohio Senate

Pete Gerken $300

Lucas County Commissioner

Wilma Brown $500

Toledo City Council

Connie Zemmelman $25

Lucas County Judge

Ohio Rep. Vernon Sykes. D-Akron $500

Mike Bell $100

Toledo Mayor

Jeanine Perry $350

Lucas County Recorder

U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur. D-Sandusky $250

J. Bernie Quilter $150

Lucas County Clerk

Tina Skeldon Wozniak $100

Lucas County Commissioner

OH Senator Shirley Smith. D-Cleveland $200

Ohio Rep.Sandra Williams. D-Cleveland $350

Robin Belcher $100

D-Primary Candidate for OH House

Money to Edna Brown from Political Party Committies

House Democratic Caucus Fund $2,479.40

Money From Edna Brown to Political Party Committees

Ohio Democratic Party State Candidate Fund $100

Ohio Senate Democrats $2,500

House Democratic Caucus Fund $17,000