Privacy and Security By: Eugene San Jose

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Privacy and Security By: Eugene San Jose by Mind Map: Privacy and Security By: Eugene San Jose

1. Why Did I Choose These Topics? I chose to do privacy and security because I have a personal attachment to this topic. My e-mail had been previously compromised by a Yahoo breach, allowing a hacker to have access to my Yahoo account. This had happened two times, which has resulted in me moving my business and loyalty over to a new e-mail domain. Furthermore, I have become more cautious and less trusting of my information on the internet.

2. Importance of Security Security is important because it keeps a stronghold on personal data, photos and information from slipping into the wrong hands. If the security is breached on a major company, millions of dollars could be lost, unethical confidential information can dissuade customers from remaining under your company, and outside competitors can abuse the weaknesses that were exposed from the data breach that occurred. According to the infographic by Atlantic Training, our information can only be protected to a certain degree, because being online is a free-for-all, and our data can be shared and dispersed by the companies we are under, or compromised by hackers that breach our security to begin with. (Atlantic Training, 2012)

3. Introduction In this current day and age, as availability to technological devices increases, the influence and accessibility to social media begins rise as well. With this in mind, I have chosen to take on privacy and security as my primary topics for this discussion.

4. What is Security? Security in physical form is defined as “the protection of personnel, hardware, software, networks and data from physical actions, intrusions and other events that could damage an organization” (Rouse, n.d.) by Rouse. On the other hand, information security is illustrated as “a broad set of strategies for managing the process, tools and policies that aim to prevent, detect and respond to threats both digital and nondigital information assets” (Rouse, n.d.) from the words of Rouse.

5. Security and Privacy Synergy Security complements privacy because it is a key component in safeguarding your data from being seen by online consumers. In the instance that you have some software you are working on in a Cloud server, security can prevent that software from being open-sourced to hackers if properly warded off. If you do not have security, then that data becomes compromised, you lose your privacy and all that hard work can now be ripped off and claimed by others as their own, especially if your software has not been patented yet.

6. Conclusion In summary, privacy and security are emerging entities in modern society because of how prevalent social media is becoming and the emergence of hacking. Furthermore, privacy and security work hand in hand, in the form that without security, your information will no longer remain private. In another scenario, if your information is already public, then there is no need to request for security services to protect your data.

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8. Importance of Privacy cont. Also, depending on the company, and your knowledge about your rights and policies, you may have placed yourself into a situation where your data is already open for company viewing. In certain situations, having open access to your data can create more value for the service that you are purchasing as it allows the company to cater to your interests. (Geist, 2013) Privacy is an important component for everyone as it refrains the public from seeing classified information or inappropriate, explicit content which could sully the goodwill of a company, or image of an individual.

9. Importance of Privacy In present time, privacy plays an important role for organizations and the people representing our society. Privacy enables us to share personal content with a level of confidentiality, meaning that a photo, or the information that we are sending to close people will only be viewed by them and not by 3rd parties. However this is not the case when you choose to use a public domain such as social media to share the daily interactions and moments of your life. Although, it is hard to establish a balance in privacy as we continue to outpour more of ourselves onto Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets. This notion is further amplified for the teen demographic. (Pew Research Center, 2013) It is possible for your privacy to be intruded on, with individuals not knowing that eavesdropping is occurring, which is what happened in the case of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. (The Associated Press, 2013)

10. What is Privacy? In basic terms, “privacy is the right to be let alone, or freedom from interference or intrusion” (IAPP, n.d.) as stated by IAPP. Information privacy which is heavily focused on in this module, is defined by IAPP as “the right to have some control over how your personal information is collected and used.” (IAPP, n.d.)

11. Creative Component For my creative component, I chose to use Mindmeister to represent my discussion to illustrate the connections and similarities that privacy and security have with one another. Also, the mind map makes for a visual representation of the web, as everything is interconnected with one another; in privacy and security terms, the data you share forever remains on the internet, requiring a balance between restraint in sharing, and the connections you withhold over the internet.