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Tips & Trends for Using the Cloud in Your Teaching by Mind Map: Tips & Trends for Using the Cloud in Your Teaching
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Tips & Trends for Using the Cloud in Your Teaching

Collections by type

Maintain a set of GO-TO resources for when your starter list is no longer sufficient

Cybersmart Toolbar

Common Sense Media

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

Web 2.0 Collections

Content-Related Collections

Educause: 7 Things You Should Know Series

Know where we're heading....

Karen Cantor from U.S. Dept. of Ed. Answers Questions

Horizon Report

Learn to Love Standards

NETS for Students

NETS for Teachers

Common Core State Standards

DESE ICT Standards

Keep Learning-but do it for free and on your own terms!

Professional Development

Create a Personal Learning Network

Be confident in your purpose and plan

Have a clearly articulated Purpose

Use Evidence- Based Practice

Know what you are assessing

Know how you will assess it.

Technology Integration Planning

Don’t take on the world... pick and choose based upon your comfort level and context.

Start with a single application

Find a good starter collection of resources and work within it

Think outside the box…how does technology change the game?

The Flipped Classroom

Open Educational Resources

Project-Based Learning

Bloom's Taxonomy

New Learning Theory? Connectivism

Use technology to make using technology easier

Get Organized with Social Bookmarking

Don't Re-invent the wheel

Top 20 Sites No Teachers Should start the Year Without

Productivity Resources

Manage Resources/Student Access

Plagiarism Detector

New node