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ASIA by Mind Map: ASIA


1.1. 1. Managing urbanization

1.1.1. nearly 170 cities in China

1.1.2. 404 million Indians are expected to have migrated to cities

1.2. 2. Combating bribery and corruption common in Southeast Asia countries

1.2.1. Rank 123: Laos requirement of FDI in the country has brought some transparency

1.2.2. Rank 136: Myanmar signs of positive change political support for unpopular reforms

1.2.3. Rank 156: Cambodia informal ways to get things done unstable government institutions

1.3. 3. Environmental damage

1.3.1. China's political misjudgement on industrialized sector and weather/climate conditions

1.3.2. The Philippines: busy with political witch hunt

1.3.3. Thailand: all hail new king, forget what's troubling you


2.1. 1.South Asia, now the fastest-growing region in the world

2.1.1. India's mobile market is the biggest database for service providers

2.1.2. Singapore's educational system makes a perfect example for both east & west edu institutions

2.2. 2. Competitive market of Asian countries

2.2.1. 'Four Asian Tigers' are famous for its stable financial ecosystems economies of Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan

2.3. 3. Infrastructure

2.3.1. China's construction industry is omnipresent all over the world high-tech equipped to build smart cities