Organization: Chicago Passport Agency

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Organization: Chicago Passport Agency by Mind Map: Organization: Chicago Passport Agency

1. 7 FAM Training

2. Adult Learning Theories

3. Behaviorism: This theory believes that behavior is caused by external stimuli (Davey, 2007). Online learning allows for behavior to change through what is learned.

4. Cognitivism: Is a theory that focuses on inner mental activities of adult learners (Davey, 2015). The social media application Instagram allows employees to collaborate and think by sharing opinions and thoughts.

5. Andragogy: Is the theory that adult learners are self-directed learners, who are internally motivated to learn (Pappas, 2013). All social media accounts that allow collaboration support andragogy by allowing people in the organization to learn what they what from others.

6. The Chicago Passport Agency is one out of 29 passport application centers. The adjudicators who approve and deny passport applications use the 7 FAM as its main source to make decisions. Training is needed in order for new employees to be able to follow and find information they need within the 7 FAM.

7. Effects of Social Media on employee's motivation to learn the 7 FAM:

8. Collaboration with others (peer motivation).

9. Capture their attentions and engage them.

10. Offers quick feedback that can measure level of understanding.

11. Gives visual representation of content.

12. Ethical Considerations of Integrating Social Media (Lunday, 2010)

12.1. Misuse of worktime

12.2. Disclosure of Confidential or Other Non-Public Information

12.3. Harrassment

12.4. Conflict of Intrest

12.5. Fraud

12.6. Privacy Issues

12.7. Professional Reputation damaged

12.8. Validity of sources

13. Program Competencies Related to Social Media

14. Computer Literacy

15. Knowledge of new technology tools

16. Mentoring and Training

17. Collaboration and Communication

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18.1. References

19. Tequila Hansberry AET/570 Gale Cossette