GoPro Hero5 Voice Control Commands

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GoPro Hero5 Voice Control Commands by Mind Map: GoPro Hero5 Voice Control Commands

1. Supported by

1.1. HERO5 Black

1.2. HERO5 Session

1.3. Remo

2. Recording

2.1. Video

2.1.1. "GoPro Video Mode"

2.1.2. "GoPro Start Recording"

2.1.3. "GoPro Stop Recording"

2.1.4. "GoPro HiLight"

2.2. Photos

2.2.1. Photo "GoPro Photo Mode" "GoPro Take a Photo"

2.2.2. Burst "GoPro Burst Mode" "GoPro Shoot Burst"

2.2.3. Time Lapse "GoPro Time Lapse Mode" "GoPro Start Time Lapse" "GoPro Stop Time Lapse"

3. Camera

3.1. "GoPro Turn Off"

4. Languages

4.1. English (U.S.)

4.2. English (U.K.)

4.3. English (Australian)

4.4. German

4.5. French

4.6. Italian

4.7. Spanish (EU)

4.8. Spanish (N.A.)

4.9. Chinese

4.10. Japanese

5. Mindmap by Mark Mosher

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