Food and kitchen safety

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Food and kitchen safety by Mind Map: Food and kitchen safety

1. microorganisms

1.1. depend on: - temperature,food, oxygen,& moisture

1.2. bacteria

1.2.1. found naturally in environment grows best @ 5-60°C found in protein-rich food

1.3. yeasts

1.3.1. type of fungi reproduce through budding Grows best @ around 37°C found in sugary food e.g. jam/ grapes

1.4. moulds

1.4.1. reproduced by spores

1.4.2. grows best in warm and moist environment

1.4.3. found in cheese and bread

2. Food Contamination

2.1. Causes of food contamination

2.1.1. -Improper food storage food kept in condition favouable to the growth of microorganisms

2.1.2. -Improper food handling Due to lack of hygiene practices

2.1.3. Cross-contamination harmful micro-organisms transferred to food products Direct contact Indirect

3. temperature of food

3.1. 5-60°C -favourable for bacteria growth

3.2. keep Hot food Hot

3.3. keep Cold food Cold

3.4. DANGER zone---5-60°C

3.5. Bacteria: 100°C-Bacteria killed

3.6. Bacteria dying at 60°C

3.7. 5-60°C active Bacteria

3.8. 5-60°C bacteria slowly multiplying

3.9. -18°C Inactive bacteria

4. presence of moisture and oxygen

4.1. food high in moisture

4.1.1. e.g. : raw meat seafood, fruit, vegetables