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My Daily Routine by Mind Map: My Daily Routine

1. In the Afternoon

1.1. I play the guitar

1.1.1. at four thirty

1.1.2. then go home

1.1.3. I play soccer with my friends Andrew my best friend Joshep my neighbor Peter my cousing jack my brother

2. In the morning

2.1. I get up at five o'clock

2.1.1. take a showert at six fifty

2.1.2. eat my breakfast Nuevo nodo Nuevo nodo

2.1.3. go to school at seven o'clock

3. at night

3.1. I study and practice for the next day

3.2. have a diner

3.2.1. Nuevo nodo

3.2.2. Nuevo nodo

3.3. go to bed early on Monday from Friday

3.3.1. on Saturday and Sunday I go to late

4. weekend

4.1. I get up late bacause I don't have class at school

4.2. frirst I visit my cousin

4.2.1. Nuevo nodo

4.3. in the afternoon I go to the cinema with my father. It's great