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My Daily Routine by Mind Map: My Daily Routine
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My Daily Routine

In the Afternoon

I play the guitar

at four thirty

then go home

I play soccer with my friends, Andrew, my best friend, Joshep, my neighbor, Peter, my cousing, jack, my brother, He is younger than me

In the morning

I get up at five o'clock

take a showert at six fifty

eat my breakfast, Nuevo nodo, Nuevo nodo

go to school at seven o'clock

at night

I study and practice for the next day

have a diner

Nuevo nodo

Nuevo nodo

go to bed early on Monday from Friday

on Saturday and Sunday I go to late


I get up late bacause I don't have class at school

frirst I visit my cousin

Nuevo nodo

in the afternoon I go to the cinema with my father. It's great