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Pokemon Go by Mind Map: Pokemon Go

1. Content

1.1. Facebook

1.1.1. Official Pokemon GO Page Average likes & followers: 2m

1.2. Twitter

1.2.1. Pokemon Go fan created hashtags

1.2.2. Pokemon Go fan retweeted, trended & favorited several Pokemon characters, teams, scenes, votings & gifs

1.3. Instagram

1.3.1. Pokemon Go Fan account

1.3.2. Pokemon Go Fan edit pictures

1.4. Youtube

1.4.1. Pokemon Go Videos by Fans Best type of videos Parodies

2. Social Media Marketing

2.1. Context (Curation)

2.1.1. Twitter Active @PokemonGoApp (2.2m) @CatchPokemonGo (87.9k) @PoGoServer (266.1k) @PokemonGoNews (976.5k) Non-Active @PokemonGOTipz (341k) @PokemonGoWorld (13.6k) @PokmeonGoXP (119.8k) Hashtag #PokemonGO #GottaCatchEmAll #pokemon

2.2. Connection & Community

2.2.1. Facebook 12 Official Pages From Various Countries: Japan, Italy, Singapore, Brasil, France, Philippines, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom, Egypt, Colombia, Malaysia Pokemon-Go Fan Page Average like per post: 10k Page Likes: 3,123,848

2.2.2. Instagram Account with highest followers: 1.1m @Pokemon 501 posts Average like per posts: 70k Hashtag posted regarding PokemonGo #pokemongo has 8,100,626 posts #pokemon has 14,792,366 posts

3. Success Factor?

3.1. The use of the right Technology.

3.2. An innovative, outside-the-box concept... that makes sense.

3.3. A well-built, unique brand for which the concepts fits.

3.4. The right Target audience, at the right time.

3.5. Addictive features that make you not want to stop.

3.6. A powerful social element.

3.7. Clever use of augment reality technology.

3.8. Social proof is everything these days.

3.9. Low learning curves lead to higher adoption rates.

3.10. Simplicity

3.11. Trial-ability

3.12. Reinvention

3.13. Observability

3.14. A sense of identity leads to loyalty

4. Marketing Mix

4.1. Product

4.1.1. New mobile app game by Niantic Labs and Nintendo PokeStops Pokeballs Eggs Players have to walk to hatch them Potions Heal Pokemon so they recover from battles Community-oriented shareable playing

4.1.2. Smartphones Location-based Augmented Reality Virtual Reality Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Mobile cameras

4.2. Price

4.2.1. Free app in Android and iOS Estimated number of downloads 650 million times

4.2.2. Purchasable in-game item called a lure draws Pokemon to PokeStops for 30 minutes $100 buys 14,500 Pokecoins 21 lures

4.3. Place

4.3.1. GPS based Pokemon Go daily active users globally 5 million

4.3.2. Google Play Store

4.3.3. Itunes App Store

4.4. Promotion

4.4.1. Social Media Community Facebook Pokémon GO @PokemonGO Instagram Snap an image, add a filter and caption Twitter Pokemon Go official account with 2.25M followers #PokemonGO Word-of-Mouth People were interested in what the game can become and sent invites

4.4.2. Make a connection to other products Benefit Cosmetics Posted an image with caption "Gotta catch 'em all" at Instagram Amazon Help sell electronics like this wireless phone charger Optimum The tweet is simple yet effective, showing Pokémon’s main character, Ash, throwing a Pokéball.

4.4.3. Incentive Players Host Meetups Created a specific time for users to come together enticed players Offer Discounts Grow visibility to local game users Charge Points Phone battery will be constantly drained by the game. Geocaching and Augmented Reality "Being at the right place at the right time"

5. Marketing Analysis

5.1. Target Audience

5.1.1. Gender July September 63% Female 53% Female 37% Male 47% Male

5.1.2. Age July September 22% Age 13-17 20% Age 13-17 46% Age 18-29 43% Age 18-29 25% Age 30-50 30% Age 30-49 6% Age 50+ 8% Age 50+

5.1.3. Income of Audiences PA July September 34.6% $100k+ 26% $100k+ 45.8% <$50k 51% <$50k 19.6% $50k-$100k 23% $50k-$100k

5.2. Company Capabilities

5.2.1. Platform Available Total download: 650million Android Ios

5.2.2. Revenue $950million

5.2.3. Number of Employee of Niantic 51-200 pax

5.3. Collaborators

5.3.1. Google

5.3.2. The Pokemon Company

5.3.3. Nintendo

5.4. USP/Positioning

5.4.1. Based on previous popular pokemon concept and history

5.4.2. Real world/On the ground experience Allow high interactivity Motivates players to get outside

5.4.3. Gathered pokemon fans togethere ONCE AGAIN

5.4.4. Usable and easy game play

6. Swot Analysis

6.1. Strengths

6.1.1. Free to play game on IOS and Android devices.

6.1.2. Reality of location interests the people and motivated players to go from one place to another.

6.1.3. It connects people together as they travel in groups.

6.1.4. Easy to relate to. The 1990s fad is back.

6.1.5. Player is interested in new and more Pokemon's evolving them to maek them better and powerful.

6.2. Weaknesses

6.2.1. Technical issues and crashes of the app.

6.2.2. Server problems

6.2.3. There is a buggy mess in the app when it started, one of the reason being the constant server problems.

6.2.4. App was criticized for using sensitive locations such as cemeteries and memorials as sites to catch Pokemons's.

6.2.5. Game has not been launched in all countries and there are still some countries who do not have access to this app.

6.2.6. Players in rural areas complain about the lack of pokemon stops and gyms in their areas.

6.2.7. Game criticized for game accessibility issues by players with physical disabilities as people who have difficulty in moving.

6.2.8. Game play is limited. As the same pokemon come again and again which makes it a bit boring. As players wants to capture a new and better pokemon each time in every level.

6.3. Opportunities

6.3.1. Connect with friends in the way that it can tell which of your friends are playing pokemon go at the moment. so that friends can connect and collkect pokemon together.

6.3.2. Chat forums to add friends just like in Facebook to become a social network for players to keep in connect.

6.4. Threats

6.4.1. If something new is not explored, players might stop playing pokemon go and might face a decline within a few months.

6.4.2. Players might get bored by collecting the same pokemon each time and getting poke balls from the same poke stops.

6.4.3. Players need something new all the time and if there is nothing new like at this moment, the excitement level of Pokemon go might drop to a high level.