Lesson Plan Template

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Lesson Plan Template by Mind Map: Lesson Plan Template

1. Learning Targets for Unit

1.1. Type Lesson 1 Learning Targets Below

1.1.1. Objective

1.2. Type Lesson 2 Learning Targets Below

1.2.1. Objective

2. Example Format for a Lesson 1

2.1. Pre-assessment

2.1.1. Students complete a pretest covering topics for the entire unit during first lesson of a new unit

2.2. Projects

2.2.1. Advanced Option Typically worth the same as a test grade (25 points) Only option given for students who open up this activity prior to the week of due date Students are given freedom on how they demonstrate their learning. Students could do any of the following: Google Presentations Construct 3-D models Create a Poster Perform a song or read a poem he/she created about the topic Comic Strip

2.2.2. Basic Option Worth 10 points as this is not quite as much of an undertaking Typically a simplified version of the advanced Teacher provides a template student completes Focus is on the basics of the content

3. Lesson 2

3.1. Follows same structure as Lesson 1

4. Assessment

4.1. Opens up once all lessons are complete

5. Notes about template

5.1. Whole group activities are given a green background.

5.1.1. I view these as "progress checks" All students must meet the minimum requirement in order to move on minimum requirements vary depending on activity.

5.1.2. Red activities are for students who need extra practice often for students who score below 50% on an assessment Example activities for these students Screencasts of me reviewing previous content or skills practice worksheets that review and reinforce the content small group or 1-on-1 instruction with me Yellow Activities are for students in the "middle range."

5.1.3. Enrichment Activities Diggs deeper into topic Typically given to students who demonstrate mastery of a topic by earning a 90-100% on an assessment These activities encourage students to practice higher lever and/or analytical thinking.