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Skateboarding by Mind Map: Skateboarding

1. The first competition

1.1. IN 1963 Makaha formed the first professional skateboard team, and that same year the first skateboard competition was held in Hermosa, California.

2. most popular skateboarding movie

2.1. Lords of dogtown, a drought 1970s southern california has an unexpected side effect: as people empty their swimming pools, a group of teen surfers from the dogtown area of venice beach move in with skateboards, and a new sport is born.

3. biggest skateboard

3.1. The largest skateboard measured 11.4 m (36 ft 7 in) long, 2.63 m ( ft 8 in) wide and 1.10 m (3 ft 7.5 in) high. it was designed and produced by Rob Dyrdek and Joe Ciaglia.

4. Best tricks

4.1. Darkslide, Tre Flip, noseslide

5. Skater of the year

5.1. He was ready to go toe with Clint on KOTR, but the real fireworks happened last week when Eli dropped his surprise Vans "no other way" part, arguably his gnarliest and most well-rounded to date.

6. first skateboarding show

7. popular skate show

7.1. Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy factory is an American reality Television series that aired on MTV and debuted on February 8th, 2009. The factory is a space for Dyrdek to manage two aspects of his life, business and pleasure.

8. Skateboarding then and now

8.1. Skateboarding back then was compelety different from today, the decks were a lot smaller, the deck was in the shape of a surf board, tricks involved your hands, during the middle of skateboarding the decks got a lot bigger and wider making them easier to do flicking tricks and hand tricks, and now skateboarding has gotten more complex and crazier,, the boards look completely different, they are designed to pop up in the air so you can do a tricks easier, it has gotten a ,a lot more competieve now

9. the first early skate bored

9.1. The first early skateboards were made in las angeles, in a California surf shop , meant to be used by surfers in their downtime. BIll Richard the shop owner made a deal with the chicago roller skate company to produce sets of sets of skate wheels, which they attached to square wooden boards.

10. the first brands

10.1. The first skate shop ever with the first original brand were located in a Los Angeles California.

11. when did skateboarding come

11.1. the skateboard is made from roller skate attached to a board. and that where it really all starts from there are no waves people just skate.