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Psychotherapy by Mind Map: Psychotherapy
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Purpose of Controlling Statement: In this paper, I'm going to give some examples of psychotherapy and tell the benefits, risks, effectiveness, confidentiality, duration of therapy, and criticism of psychotherapy. Thesis: Knowledge of psychotherapy will strengthen the understanding of a complex subject that remains buried underneath numerous others.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy


effective for many issues

Art therapy


QoL of breast cancer patients

Interpersonal Therapy

goal of this type

how long it usually lasts

usual with depression

Psychodynamic psychotherapy

goal of this type of therapy

length of treatment


emotionally uncomfortable due to subject matter

exposure therapy

physical exhaustion

dropped out due to strain

Family Therapy

usually short term

help family cope with a member's mental illness


learn about inner self

reconstruct the lost control on life



taping sessions

Duration of Therapy

45-60 minute sessions

short term

long term

factors deciding frequency of visits


questionaries filled by patients

Common Factors Theory

Consumers Report Study


Hans Eysenck's study in 1952

psycho-social healing

social contact is seen as beneficial for everyone