Conflicts in "Macbeth"

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Conflicts in "Macbeth" by Mind Map: Conflicts in "Macbeth"

1. Macbeth vs.

1.1. Lady Macbeth

1.1.1. Love vs. Hate Macbeth and Lady Macbeth passionately love each other, but are filled with disdain.

1.1.2. Manhood vs. Womanhood Macbeth's manhood is challenged by his wife; her womanhood is challenged by her feelings.

1.1.3. Courage vs. Morality In a world where war makes a man great, where does the conflation with killing and goodness stop?

1.1.4. Ambition vs. Peace Ambition will lead to success for Macbeth (briefly at least), but he must wade through blood to get it.

1.2. The Witches

1.2.1. Nature vs. Social Order Nature is a harbinger of chaos, as well as acting to effect violence. Can society and nature coexist?

1.2.2. Destiny/Fate vs. Humanism Did Macbeth have a choice to pursue the Witches' prophecies, or was he fated to both murder and be murdered?

1.3. King Duncan

1.3.1. Ambition vs. Loyalty King Duncan was like a father to Macbeth, and in turn Macbeth murdered him. Did this drive Macbeth mad?

1.4. Banquo

1.4.1. Ambition vs. Friendship Banquo is Macbeth's closest friend, yet he murders him to gain the crown.

1.4.2. Betrayal vs. Morality Courtly rules at the time valued hospitality above almost anything else. Banquo was murdered on the eve of a banquet for him.

1.4.3. Jealousy vs. Morality The Witches prophesied that Banquo would head a line of kings. This jealousy overrode Macbeth's sense of right and wrong.