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Aims of Big Three by Mind Map: Aims of Big Three
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Aims of Big Three

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...


Wanted to end the war under fair conditions and not for personal gains.

Wanted to settle dispute through negotiation rather than War(League of Nations).

Wanted to restore the rights of human to live their own ,safe and peaceful lives as well as to rule themselves.


Wanted revenge on the German for what they did during World War l.

Wanted to make the Germans pay for the damage done during World War l

Wanted to protect France from the invasion of Germany by crippling the economy of Germany

Georges Clemenceau

Prime Minister of France

Woodrow Wilson

President of America

David Lloyd George

Prime Minister of Great Britain


Wanted to gain the support of the British by making germany pay.

Wanted to appease both Wilson and Clemenceau at the same time by compromising on justice and revenge

Wanted to increase trade and gain control of the seas by disarmament of the German