Fourteen Categories of Disabilities as Identified by IDEA

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Fourteen Categories of Disabilities as Identified by IDEA by Mind Map: Fourteen Categories of Disabilities as Identified by IDEA

1. 8. Multiple Disabilities

2. 9. Orthopedic Impairment

3. 10. Other Health Impairment

3.1. 11. Specific Learning Disability

4. 12. Speech or Language Impairment

5. 13. Traumatic Brain Injury

6. 14. Visual Impairment Including Blindness

7. Low -Incidence Disabilities Mental Retardation Hearing Impairments Orthopedic Impairments Visual Impairments including Blindness Deaf-Blindness Deafness Other Health Impairments Developmental Delay Traumatic Brain Injury Autism Spectrum Disorders Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disabilities Multiple Disabilities

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11. 1. Autism

12. 2. Deaf-Blindness

13. 3. Deafness

14. 4. Developmental Delay

15. 5. Emotional Disturbance

16. 6. Hearing Impairment

17. 7. Intellectual Disability (formerly known as Mental Retardation


19. High-Incidence Disabilities Speech and Language Impairment Learning Disabilities Emotional Disturbance Mild Intellectual Disabilities