Access to Doctors in East Timor

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Access to Doctors in East Timor by Mind Map: Access to Doctors in East Timor

1. Not as many qualified doctors

1.1. Lack of education

1.1.1. Lack of schools One teacher teaching a large class

1.1.2. Children too busy farming to go to school

1.1.3. Not many available universities to specialise in medicine

2. Too many sick people needing doctors

2.1. Not enough awareness of AIDS and other diseases

2.2. Unsafe drinking water

2.3. Unhygenic living conditions

2.3.1. Animals live in the same place as the people live due to a lack of space

3. Location

3.1. Lack of roads and functional roads to reach isolated regions

3.1.1. Hard to get transportation to reach rural areas

3.1.2. Low GDP

3.2. Not many doctors in rural areas

4. Finance

4.1. Not enough money to buy equipment

4.1.1. Low GDP

4.2. Can't afford machinery for scans

4.3. Government cannot afford to pay doctors who work at public hospitals