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Stereotyping by Mind Map: Stereotyping

1. Stereotypes

1.1. BODY TYPES: people with slimmer figures are athletes or work out, and eat healthy. people more on the heavy side eat a lot are lazy.

1.2. NAMES

1.2.1. Jose- an illegal hispanic who is a drug dealer, high school drop out, someone who might muggle you.

1.2.2. Lin Lang- a really smart chinese person.

1.2.3. Courtney- a rich girl who is the cheerleader, most popular girl in school.

1.2.4. Justin- some redneck who dips and is a jerk.

1.2.5. Shaquan- an African American who might be in a gang.

1.3. CLOTHES: Most people use cloths as a stereotype for example: people with aero am. eagle, hollister, and a&f cloths are peppy and got money. on the other hand people who get clothes else where are losers, and they have no money.

2. You cannnot tell a persons natonality by their name or the sound of their voice, sometimes not even the way they look.

3. More Stereotypes

3.1. People who wear glasses are smart or nerds.

3.2. That person is wearing a Jersey their athletic.

3.3. a robber is a bad person, and more likely going to be dark skinned than a light skinned person.

4. Do not judge others like you would not want others to judge you.