Characteristics of Ancient Civilizations

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Characteristics of Ancient Civilizations by Mind Map: Characteristics of Ancient Civilizations

1. Complex Institutions

1.1. Mesopotamian Priests and kings ran the cities as well as created written law codes

1.2. Chinese rulers organized workers to build canals and city walls

1.3. Egyptian Pharaohs ordered workers to build large elaborate tombs

2. Advanced Technology

2.1. Engineers in the Indus Valley made sophisticated buildings and plumbing systems

2.2. Chinese refined bronze casting technology and valuable silk cloth production

2.3. Sumerians in Mesopotamia invented the wheel, the sail, the plow, and learned ho

3. Record Keeping and Writing

3.1. Mesopotamia developed the worlds first system of writing called Cuneiform

3.2. Egyptian hieroglypic writing had symbols that stood for sounds and ideas

3.3. The Phoenician alphabet in Palestine was the basis of many alphabets

4. Advanced Cities

4.1. Planned cities had neatly laid out streets and fortified areas in the Indus Valley

4.2. Mesopotamian Cities had temples called Ziggurats

4.3. Chinese Cities had massive earthen walls for protection

5. Specialized Workers

5.1. Priests, warriors, scribes, artisans and farmers all had special tasks in Mesopotamia

5.2. Rulers, officials, priests and landowners led society in Ancient Egpyt

5.3. Phoenician sailors carried goods and religious leaders had great influence in Ancient Palestine