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Word Formation by Mind Map: Word Formation

1. Etymology

1.1. The study of the origin of the word

2. Coinage

2.1. the invention of new terms

3. Borrowing

3.1. the taking over words in English

4. Compounding

4.1. there is a joining of two separate words to produce a single one

5. Bleding

5.1. the combination of two separate words in a single new term

6. Clipping

6.1. The element of reduction

7. Backformation

7.1. A very specialized type of reduction

8. Conversion

8.1. A change of the function word

9. Acronyms

9.1. Are new words formed from a initial letters of a set of others words.

10. Derivation

10.1. it is accomplished by means of new English words

11. Prefixes and suffixes

11.1. Prefixes: add at the beginning of the words. Suffixes: add at the end of the words

12. Kamhumu

12.1. A special version of in fixing

13. Multipli processes

13.1. Several word formation processes at the same time.