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The Brief by Mind Map: The Brief

1. Elavation

1.1. What good you have done better

2. Design Brief

2.1. Chose a brief

2.2. Key questions

3. Analysis of brief

3.1. What is the brief about

3.1.1. Find keywords in the brief Explain the keywords

3.1.2. List of important questions

4. Investigation and Research

4.1. What material will be used

4.2. What joints will be used

4.3. Internet,books and asking people for advice

5. Ergonomics

5.1. Ways to make you're project easier to use

5.2. Have a good place to use it

6. Design and Ideas

6.1. 3 different ideas

6.1.1. Does it satisfy the brief

6.1.2. Advantages and disadvantages

6.1.3. What is the best option

6.1.4. Sketches of all 3 ideas

7. Final Solution

7.1. Sketches of final idea

7.2. Why did you choose this idea over the other ideas

8. Manufacture

8.1. Photos

8.2. Sketches

8.3. Explain how it was made

9. Construction

9.1. How you made it