Stuff Not Everyone Knows about Nathan

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Stuff Not Everyone Knows about Nathan by Mind Map: Stuff Not Everyone Knows about Nathan

1. Love Life

1.1. loving Bar

1.1.1. Bar Nathan did eventually tell him

1.1.2. Eris because Nathan went to her for advice + cookies

1.1.3. GC though Nathan tries not to discuss it

1.1.4. Scarlet because Nathan told her

1.1.5. Henrik assumed they were a couple from day one

1.1.6. Narci seems to have the same idea as Henrik

1.1.7. Cassius although Nathan's never said as much, they'd have to be blind and deaf not to notice

1.2. relationship with GC

1.2.1. Bar Nathan's side of the story

1.2.2. Henrik GC's side of the story

1.2.3. Narci? idek what GC told him

1.2.4. Eris Nathan's side of the story

1.2.5. GC Nathan has tried to be honest without hurting him

1.2.6. Scarlet Nathan's side of the story, sort of

2. Stance on the Name and Seeking

2.1. Scarlet

2.1.1. This has been discussed at length

2.2. Commodore Creazil

2.2.1. because he snapped at him

2.3. Izzy

2.3.1. assuming he was paying attention to N

2.4. Asher

2.4.1. Scolded him once, snapped at him once

2.5. Eris

2.5.1. just recently found out

2.6. Lamont

2.6.1. briefly discussed, saw one of his fights with Scarlet

2.7. Theodor

2.7.1. Actually helped N make a coherent argument out of his position...though he doesn't know it

2.8. Henrik

2.8.1. was there for the first fight w/ Scarlet & Theo

2.9. Cassius

2.9.1. Has seen him fight with Scarlet twice now

3. Nathan's one Neath-Death

3.1. Bar

3.1.1. knows who, what, why and how, was on the scene shortly after it happened (though Nathan doesn't know this)

3.1.2. saw the wounds while Nathan was still dead

3.2. GC

3.2.1. Knows what and how, possibly who, but certainly not all of why

3.2.2. has seen the scars

3.3. Cassius

3.3.1. Knows who, what, why, and how, is the only one Nathan's deliberately told the whole story to

3.4. Eris

3.4.1. knows what and how

3.4.2. has seen the scars

4. Surface life

4.1. Growing up in Essex

4.1.1. Bar met him before he'd quite picked up the london accent

4.1.2. GC because Nathan told him

4.1.3. Cassius they've never discussed it, but he'd tell them gladly if it came up

4.2. his parents

4.2.1. GC part of the story - relationships with his mother and father

4.2.2. Scarlet part of the story - why an artist

4.3. reasons for coming to the 'Neath

4.3.1. Bar the whole story

4.3.2. GC part of the story

4.3.3. Eris part of the story

4.3.4. Scarlet none of the story, but he'll tell her the whole thing if she asks

4.3.5. Cassius None of the story, but he'd gladly tell them all but one part. And they could get that with minimal prodding

5. Heart's Desire

5.1. Bar

5.1.1. knows because Louis spied on him

5.1.2. is the only one to know /why/

5.2. Eris

5.2.1. knows because Nathan outed himself while asking about her

5.3. Scarlet

5.3.1. suspects?

5.4. GC

5.4.1. has all the pieces, may or may not have put them together

6. The Game

6.1. Scarlet

6.1.1. knows he plays

6.2. GC

6.2.1. knows he plays

6.2.2. knows he carries kifers

6.3. Elizabeth Dare

6.3.1. knows he plays

6.4. Bar

6.4.1. knows he does something, doesn't know the details

6.5. You just lost it