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RISE by Mind Map: RISE

1. Data Release / Open Data

1.1. Open release of search log data (we hope)

2. Anonimity

2.1. Use of mosaic scripts to anonymise data

2.2. Need to build code in a way that enables others to reuse

2.3. 'This article is like that article'

3. Data capture

3.1. Sharing of EZ Proxy & Open URL data with EDINA & Huddersfield + possible interchange of standard coming out of it

4. Authenticating and Tracking Users

4.1. Authentication within Google gadget

5. Tools

5.1. Google gadget to search EBSCO discovery services

6. Scalability

6.1. Potential performance constraints and growth of database

7. Algorithims

7.1. Potential solution to "this article is like that article' - linking up with EDINA work