Social Issue


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Social Issue by Mind Map: Social Issue

1. Culture

2. Welfarism

2.1. Definition

2.1.1. Well-being

2.1.2. Range of services provided to protect people's lives i.e. National Health Service (NHS) in UK

2.1.3. Financial assistance to the poor i.e. Temporary Aid to Needy Families (US)

2.2. Pros and Cons

2.2.1. Pros Humanitarian Solves poverty Economics benefits Social protection leads to richer countries Religious Sense of solidarity Democratic Social protection in tandem with democracy Mutual self-interest Only reinforced by government Social benefits Social insurance Means-tested benefits Universal benefits Non-contributory benefits Discretionary benefits

2.2.2. Cons Violates rights Property rights Individual rights Undesirable impacts Economics development are neglected Foster dependency and trapping people in poverty

3. Youth/Children

4. Discrimination

5. Population

6. Society

6.1. New node

7. Race

7.1. definition

7.1.1. classification of humans based on biological difference, such as skin colour, which is unchangable

7.2. racial issues

7.2.1. genocides massacre of jews by Nazists during WWII

7.2.2. discriminations slavery ib the united states

7.2.3. anti racism laws civil rights act

7.3. racial harmony

8. Family

8.1. Definition

8.1.1. A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children

8.2. Traditional

8.2.1. Hierachical With males and older individuals occupying a higher status

8.2.2. Gender Differences

8.2.3. Collectivism Family & Group Focus---Interdependence

8.2.4. Discipline shame and guilt used to control and train children

8.3. Modern

8.3.1. Economically Inclined

8.3.2. Defiant

9. Marriage

9.1. Definition

9.1.1. a social union or legal contract between people that creates kinship man and women Gay-marriage

9.2. Importance

9.2.1. form a family - hence social stability

9.3. problems

9.3.1. high divorce rate

9.3.2. mail-order-bride

10. Gender

10.1. Definition

10.1.1. roles and relations of men and women

10.2. Rights

10.2.1. aims promote human rights gender equity women empowerment

10.2.2. (e.g) Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)

10.3. Inequalities

10.3.1. women are less acessible to works, education,healthcare etc. eg,education: two thirds of the world's 960 million nonliterate adults are women

11. Crime

11.1. Types of Crime

11.1.1. Murder

11.1.2. Rape

11.1.3. Robbery

11.1.4. Aggravated Assault

11.1.5. Burglary

11.1.6. Larceny-Theft

11.1.7. Motor Vehicle Theft

11.1.8. Arson

11.1.9. Weapon Offences

11.1.10. Workplace Violence Factors Understaffing that leads to Work overload Frustrations arising from poorly defined job tasks Downsizing and Reorganization Poor Labour/Management Issues

11.2. Definition