The Northern Renaissance

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The Northern Renaissance by Mind Map: The Northern Renaissance

1. The Northern Renaissance Begins

1.1. The population began to recover from the bubonic plauge.

1.1.1. Population grew

1.2. Many cities grew and the hundred years war had ended.

1.2.1. Urban merchants became wealthy enough to sponser artists

2. Artistic Ideas Spread

2.1. German Painters

2.1.1. The son of goldsmith, Durer produced woodcuts and engravings the became influential.

2.2. Flemish Painters

2.2.1. Their patronage helped to make Flanders the artistic center of northern Europe.

3. Northern Writers try to Reform Society

3.1. Christian Humanities

3.1.1. The best known of the christian humanities were Desiderius Erasmus of Holland and Thomas More of England.

3.2. William Shakespeare

3.2.1. Some say his playwrites are some of the greatest of all time

3.3. The Elizabethan Age

3.3.1. The Renaissance in England is also called the Elizabethan Age, for Queen Elizabeth I. she patronized artists and writers

4. Printing Spreads Reniassance Ideas

4.1. Gutenberg INvents the printing Press

4.1.1. The printing pressis a machine that presses paper agianst a tray full of inked movable type.

4.2. Printing spreads learning

4.2.1. It enabled a printer to produce hundreds of copies, all exactly alike, of a single work.

4.3. The End of the Renaissance

4.3.1. In both Italy and northern Europe, the Renaissance had stirred a burst of creative activity.