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Catering by Mind Map: Catering

1. Chilling

1.1. Chilled storage and display

1.2. Defrosting

1.2.1. Freezing

1.3. Chilling down hot food

2. Cooking

2.1. Ready-to-eat-food

2.2. Checking my menu

2.2.1. Hot holding

2.3. Cooking safely

2.3.1. Foods that need extra care

2.3.2. Reheating

3. Equipment

3.1. napkins

3.1.1. displays

3.1.2. decorations

3.1.3. banners trash containers and liners storage containers

3.2. plates

3.3. serving forks/knives

3.4. utensils

4. Booking the Event

4.1. determine date

4.1.1. set reminders for event

4.2. determine table service: buffet, seated, or pass arounds and all related needs including chairs

4.3. determine time

4.3.1. theme

4.3.2. understand guest list (who is attending)

4.3.3. discuss invitations, including correct address (always ask your client for a copy of the invitation so you are sure what has been promised

4.3.4. clarify w/client serving time for food (serving time should not be the same as start time or I'll end up with late guests and cold food

4.4. make available my business license, and insurance coverage

4.5. exchange contact information including mobile numbers for 24 hour availability

5. Food Safety

5.1. cleaning

5.2. Cross-contamination

6. Menu

6.1. determine any food allergies or sensitivities of invited guests (gluten free, diabetic, special diets)

6.2. offer advance tastings with the client

6.3. set menu

6.4. discuss paper or plastic, china or other for plates, napkins, cups, flatware (may need to rent, buy, or borrow

7. Preparation

7.1. Ensure mop cloths, plastic gloves, knives, serving utensils, cleaning supplies, etc. are prepared and ready to go with food delivery

7.2. Emergency cash for last-minute replacements or to tip my outside help

7.3. If recipes are to be shared make available for client and staff

7.4. Make my prep list based on recipe needs (consider unthawing time, baking time, cook times, etc

8. Cleaning

8.1. Cleaning effectively

8.2. Handwashing

8.2.1. Clear and clean as you go

8.2.2. My cleaning schedule

9. Cross-contamination

9.1. Personal hygiene

9.1.1. Maintenance

9.1.2. Pest control

9.2. Separating foods

9.2.1. Food allergies

9.3. Cloths

9.3.1. Physical and chemical contamination

10. Cost

10.1. ensure billing is clear (hourly vs. flat fee, hard costs, mileage, due on delivery vs. direct bill, etc

10.2. decide personnel needed for event and book their time (servers, setup, cleanup, etc.)

10.3. Determine budge for event