Entrepreneur's Passion Uri Levine (Waze)

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Entrepreneur's Passion Uri Levine (Waze) by Mind Map: Entrepreneur's Passion  Uri Levine (Waze)

1. About this mind map

1.1. Created by Liam Hughes

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2. Entrepreneurship

2.1. Love or hate leads to dream and passion

2.2. Willing to sacrifice

2.3. Longer roller coaster

2.4. Do doubt what's next

2.5. Like falling in love

2.5.1. Out of many, you choose one

2.5.2. Takes time to fall in love

2.5.3. Early days You spend lots of time by yourself

2.5.4. Then You share to get feedback You respond to feedback

3. The long journey

3.1. Adjusted startup curve

3.2. Journey of failures

3.2.1. Trying to do something new

3.2.2. We keep trying Different things Until we find what works

3.2.3. Buy a ticket for the next part of the journey

3.3. Celebrate the 1st everything

3.3.1. Good Launch Employee Revenue User

3.3.2. Better Overloading Patent infringement Law suit Fired

3.3.3. Best Thank you letters from users

4. Startup Tips

4.1. 3 Elements

4.1.1. Problem worth solving

4.1.2. Users Who have the problem What's their perspective of the problem?

4.1.3. Solution For many users, with that problem

4.2. Make mistakes fast

4.2.1. Aim for speed

4.2.2. Think 'good enough'

4.3. DNA -> Mission -> Journey

4.3.1. What is the working DNA

4.3.2. Values, principles, energy

4.3.3. What is this workplace?

4.4. Fall in love with the PROBLEM

4.4.1. (Not the solution)

4.4.2. Remember why you started A problem to be solved

4.4.3. If you own the problem, you're market leader

4.5. Focus

4.5.1. We think we can do everything

4.5.2. Easy to get distracted Early days revenue

4.5.3. Be clear what you're NOT doing

4.5.4. Keep the main thing, as the main thing

5. The Team

5.1. Cause 50% of startup failures

5.1.1. Team not right

5.1.2. Let it go too long

5.1.3. Did not fix fast Must make hard choices After a month you know

5.2. How to recruit?

5.2.1. Someone that you know

5.2.2. References that you trust

5.2.3. It doesn't matter

5.3. Ask yourself...

5.3.1. If there was a new CEO tomorrow, what would they do?

6. Fund raising tips

6.1. Strongest point at the start

6.2. They are users too

6.3. Story telling

6.3.1. Feel the pain

6.3.2. Bring to life

6.4. Big market

6.5. Strongest point at the end