Blooms Digital Taxonomy

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Blooms Digital Taxonomy by Mind Map: Blooms Digital Taxonomy

1. Tools for Analyzing

1.1. PhotoMath: This app shows step by step instructions to math problems that students take a picture of.

1.2. Cam Scanner: This app allows students to scan documents onto their devices.

2. Tools for Applying

2.1. Notability: This app allows students to annotate pdfs, take notes, and use other note taking functions.

2.2. Nearpod: This presentation tool allows the teacher to make fun and engaging presentations that students become a part of.

3. Tools for Creating

3.1. iMovie: Students can create engaging video presentations with great editing capabilities.

3.2. Puppet Pals: Students can create their own presentation using animated characters with voice overs.

4. Tools for Evaluating

4.1. Kahoot: Turns almost any lesson into a game that students enjoy playing.!/id1131203560?mt=8

4.2. Socrative: This app allows teachers to give instant feedback to the students in layouts that are easy to understand.

5. Tools for Remembering

5.1. Google Drive: Allows students to save files to a cloud based storage that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

5.2. Evernote: This productivity app allows students to save work to files in an organized way and also make files out of paper by taking a picture.

6. Tools for Understanding

6.1. Study Blue: This app has a wide variety of already pre made study flashcards. It also allows students to make flashcards themselves.

6.2. Adobe Voice: This app allows students to create voice over videos.