How to Construct an Informative Essay

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How to Construct an Informative Essay by Mind Map: How to Construct an Informative Essay

1. 1. Know your topic, audience, and purpose

2. 2. PLAN: Make an outline, mind map, or graphic organizer

3. 3. Write your rough draft

3.1. Start with a hook to grab reader's attention

3.2. Thesis statement: announces the topic of your essay

3.3. 3 body paragraphs

3.3.1. Each body paragraph should include a topic sentence, supporting details, transitions, and a concluding sentence.

3.4. Conclusion paragraph: The concluding paragraph will bring your essay full circle

3.4.1. Start by restating your thesis/main idea

3.4.2. Also, restate your three subtopics from your body paragraphs

3.4.3. The rest of this paragraph should be filled in with 1-2 key points from each body paragraph

3.4.4. Finally, write a concluding sentence to tie the ending of the essay to something you mentioned in your hook.

4. 4. Edit, edit, and edit some more! (self, peer, and teacher)

5. 5. Publish your work!