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precalculus by Mind Map: precalculus
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Sequences. series, and Combinatorics

Systems of Equations and Matrices

Basic Concepts of Algebra

The real number system

Integer Exponents, Scientific Notations and order of operations

addition, subtraction, and Multiplication of polynomials


rational expressions

radical notation and rational exponents

New node

Graphs, Functions, and Models

intro to graphing

functions and graphs

Linear Functions. Slope and applications

equations of lines and Modeling

more on functions

The algebra of functions

symmetry and transformations

Polynomial and Rational Functions

polynomial functions and models

polynomial division: the remainder and factor theorems

theorems about zeros of polynomial functions

rational functions

polynomial and rational inequalities

variation and applications

functions, equations and Inequalities

polynomial functions and models

complex numbers

Quadratic equations, functions and models

analyzing graphs of quadratic functions

solving linear inequalities

Exponential and Logarithmic Funtions

inverse functions

exponential functions and Graphs

logarithmic functions and graphs

properties of logarithmic functions

properties of log functions

solving exponential and logarithmic equations

applications and models: growth and decay

The Trigonometric Funtions

trig functions of acute angles

applications of right triangles

trig functions of any angle

New node

Trigonometric Indentities, Inverse Functions, and Equations

Conic sections

Applications of Trigonometry