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Plesk Billing 6.0 Bundle Installation Test Plan by Mind Map: Plesk Billing 6.0 Bundle Installation Test Plan
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Plesk Billing 6.0 Bundle Installation Test Plan

Check dependencies: sso, psa9

Install package

In Local Plesk CP

Configurations, VMWare, (?) Plesk Billing button is shown in left frame, Billing button is shown at Client Overview page, Billing info is shown in Admin's Client list, VZ, EZ, STD, with offline management, w/o offline management


<Plesk configured>, Login to CP with Plesk admin credentials is possible, Local Plesk presents in Server Group with correct: IP, hostname, password & API url, Login to Plesk CP using link at Server Group page is possible, After 'Load Averages' is pressed, correct info appears, Login to CP with incorrect credentials isn't possilbe

<Plesk not configured>, Message 'Plesk should be configured 1st' & button for navigate to CP are shown., After Plesk initial setup is complete, login to PPB is possible

On host

Check acccess permissions

Check php crypt