Life Review Template

At a road crossing and no idea which turn to take? There are times when decisions need to be made on how to continue in business and/or personal life. Then it helps to get a clear vision about some facts of life. Honestly and completely. This mind map will help you to make a journey of self-evaluation by compiling relevant information and representing it in a comprehensive format. At the end of this tour, you will actually „see“ what you need to do and how.

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Life Review Template by Mind Map: Life Review Template

1. Professional Identity

1.1. How do I see me in my job?

1.2. How am I seen in my job?

1.3. How do I want to be seen in my job?

1.4. How do I have to be seen in my job?

2. Network

2.1. Whom do I know?

2.2. How well?

2.3. Whom do I "owe" a favour?

2.4. Who does "owe" a favour to me?

3. Vision

3.1. What is your ultimate goal?

3.2. What's the destination of your journey?

4. Desire

4.1. How do you want to reach that?

4.2. What are the fun parts on the way?

5. Skills

5.1. What can I do?

5.2. What am I really good at?

6. Missing Skills

6.1. What can't I do?

6.2. Where am I lacking skills?

7. Ability to Learn

7.1. What can I learn?

7.2. What do I have to learn?

7.3. Improve the good to the better or...

7.4. ...improve the bad to the good?

8. Willingness to Learn

8.1. What do I WANT to learn?

8.2. How much efforts do I want to put behind that?

8.3. What would I sacrifice in order to improve?

9. Strategy

9.1. Which strategy results from the above?

9.2. Which direction needs to be chosen?

9.3. What is the timeframe?

9.4. Alternative ways?

10. Tactics

10.1. How to transform the strategy into actions?

10.2. Which steps do I need to undertake and when?

10.3. Which milestones do I have/want to reach?

10.4. Who can help me?

11. Life in Balance

11.1. Which controls does it take to prevent burnout?

11.2. What are my personal ethics?

11.3. Family?

11.4. Body?

11.5. Health?

12. Work in Balance

12.1. What is my "comfort zone"?

12.2. How far can I go?

12.3. Under which circumstances do I need to pull the plug?

12.4. How much can I take?

13. The Value of Life

13.1. What do I consider valuable for my life?

13.2. How can I protect and maintain that?