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Life Review Template by Mind Map: Life Review Template
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Life Review Template

Simply duplicate the map for your own use! At a road crossing and no idea which turn to take? There are times when decisions need to be made on how to continue in business and/or personal life. Then it helps to get a clear vision about some facts of life. Honestly and completely. This mind map will help you to make a journey of self-evaluation by compiling relevant information and representing it in a comprehensive format. At the end of this tour, you will actually „see“ what you need to do and how. How This Map Template Was Developed: It all started years back when a friend of mine shared with me his dilemma of choosing between two fundamentally different career opportunities. What initially sprang to my mind was: „What is it that you’d expect from what’s left of your business life?“. He replied that he had never thought about that in detail. I continued: „What do you think you’re really good at?“. This is the question that is on the „no go“-list in a job interview. However, it is totally OK between two friends. His answer stroke me as I had a totally different picture of him. At this point it became clear to me that his situation would require some formalization and visualization. And this is how the map was born. It is not wise to base fundamental decisions in life purely on self perception. Thus, the underlying concept is, to answer a set of questions that are clustered under main topics and have those answers challenged by a close friend. This way, the self image can be adjusted by getting an understanding of the individual’s public image. It is my experience that it is not always required to fill in the map from the beginning to the end. In most cases, the process as such raises new questions that will have to be answered to see the big picture and ultimately support the decision making process. The map can never be completed, anyway, since we get older (sic!), learn new things and find new priorities in life. My own life review map is now 5+ years old and still in motion! As much as I am…

Professional Identity

The classic self-/public picture exercise. This is where you might need more than one friend to give you honest feedback. How you WANT to be seen is not an invitation to acting. This is an invitation to evaluate if you HAVE to act or if it is really you.

How do I see me in my job?

How am I seen in my job?

How do I want to be seen in my job?

How do I have to be seen in my job?


Don't be shy. Life is a give and take, a quid pro quo amongst friends and business partners. Giving is rewarding. Giving without expecting a return is altruism. Always giving without receiving is draining. It is my personal opinion that things will level to equilibrium during a long life. However, there can be a point in time when help is needed. And there's nothing unethical about asking people for a favor back.

Whom do I know?

How well?

Whom do I "owe" a favour?

Who does "owe" a favour to me?


The dream everyone has in mind. The big picture! Not the "I want to be a billionaire"-thing. It is about the ultimate goal one wants to achieve and the "final destination" in that very moment.

What is your ultimate goal?

What's the destination of your journey?


The journey is the reward. It should be fun and fulfilling. Thus, the way how to achieve the goal needs to be clear as there are many ways to Rome!

How do you want to reach that?

What are the fun parts on the way?


This is where it is getting tricky. What can you do and where are you really good at? This is where self perception can easily be at war with your public image. And this is where a good friend needs to be ruthless with her/his observations!

What can I do?

What am I really good at?

Missing Skills

Admitting what's missing is another painful exercise. But this reflection is required if you want to proceed to the next topic

What can't I do?

Where am I lacking skills?

Ability to Learn

Putting things on a timeline makes it a bit easier to answer these questions. As I'm close to retirement, I don't bother starting off new revolutions. Making things better that I'm already good at is what fits into the remaining time. Learning becomes also a bit more difficult with age. However, your choice!

What can I learn?

What do I have to learn?

Improve the good to the better or...

...improve the bad to the good?

Willingness to Learn

It is one thing to be able to learn. But do you really want to learn? Learning is progress but learning fundamentally new things might as well be stressful. Something to be seriously considered!

What do I WANT to learn?

How much efforts do I want to put behind that?

What would I sacrifice in order to improve?


A wise friend of mine from Saudi Arabia once told me "Failing to plan means planning to fail". There's another approach, "Laissez-faire", which can be useful as well, at a certain point in time. Living a life between boundaries can be limiting or rewarding. That depends on personality.

Which strategy results from the above?

Which direction needs to be chosen?

What is the timeframe?

Alternative ways?


When the strategy is the tool that you've chosen, tactics are about how to use the tool. This actually puts the strategy at test since a strategy that cannot be delivered upon, is no strategy but a dream.

How to transform the strategy into actions?

Which steps do I need to undertake and when?

Which milestones do I have/want to reach?

Who can help me?

Life in Balance

"Work gives us meaning". That might be true. Or not. One thing is for sure: We spend more time at work than with our loved ones. The more it is important to draw a line and make sure that there's enough emotional energy left for yourself and your family after work.

Which controls does it take to prevent burnout?

What are my personal ethics?




Work in Balance

Last not least: How far do you want to go when it comes to work? How much do you want to sacrifice? Clearly defining your limits will help you making a decision. It will also help you to be happy at work and, hence, happy at home!

What is my "comfort zone"?

How far can I go?

Under which circumstances do I need to pull the plug?

How much can I take?

The Value of Life

This is likely the most intimate question to ask. And it is likely the only constant in life and, hence the most difficult to answer. Being consequent on your values and not bending backwards in times of challenge, is a virtue.

What do I consider valuable for my life?

How can I protect and maintain that?