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7TH AFFILIATE Q&A WEBINAR (July 5, 2017) by Mind Map: 7TH AFFILIATE Q&A WEBINAR (July 5, 2017)

1. Upwork, the world's largest online workplace

2. New target launch

2.1. Early September

3. Tools

3.1. Create systems to get things done

3.1.1. SYSTEMS ="Save Your Self Time, Energy, Money, & Sanity"

3.1.2. Allow you to lead yourself instead of your emotions leading you.

3.1.3. Increase your productivity by enhancing your focus

3.2. Creating Graphics

3.2.1. Visual images attract more attention as compared to words.

3.2.2. Free computer apps MS Paint Use a link shortener when adding your promotional links on your images

3.2.3. Online Apps Stencil Canva

3.2.4. Use stock photos Free Pixabay Paid Depositphotos

3.3. Mind Maps

3.3.1. Can make mind maps using pen & paper

3.3.2. Use mind map apps because they are collaborative MindMeister Get this Trial Plan Mind42 Get it for free

3.4. Checklists

3.4.1. Making checklists Improves your focus & productivity Keeps you organized

3.4.2. Google Keep Get it for free

4. Focus on Your Super Powers!

4.1. Paretto's Principle

4.1.1. Focus on 20% of the things that generate 80% of the results

4.1.2. Perry Marshall 80/20 Sales and Marketing

4.2. Know what your strengths are.

4.2.1. Easiest way is to ask your peers and people closest to you

4.2.2. Write down in paper or create a mind map of what do you enjoy doing

4.2.3. Do a personality profile tests Myers & Briggs Tony Robbins DISC Enneogram Free Roger Hamilton My Genius Test Wealth Dynamics Strengths Finder 2.0

4.3. Leverage the rest.

4.3.1. Outsourcing Tim Ferris The 4-Hour Work Week Tools of Titans

4.3.2. Fiverr More appropriate for simple tasks

4.3.3. Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for The Lean Entrepreneur Have them do 1-3 simple tasks first. provide them checklist.

4.3.4. Upwork More expensive than Fiverr Tip:

5. Collaborate with us!

5.1. Please send your ideas, content, and topics you want to be discussed in the Q&A Webinars

5.2. Become a Co-Presenter of the weekly Q&A Webinars


6.1. JV and Affiliate Support Page

6.1.1. https://jv.genndi.com/support

6.2. Facebook Page

6.2.1. Click on the arrow

6.2.2. Our entire partnership team looks at this Facebook Page

6.3. Send us an email

6.3.1. [email protected]

7. Webinar Replay

7.1. Click on the arrow

8. Answers to Affiliates' Questions

8.1. The All New WebinarJam (3.0)

8.1.1. Users can share only what they want to share Screen Share the application window or the screen Additional tip Use multiple monitors

8.1.2. User can have multiple registration pages Use custom pages

8.2. Zapier integration is done. Beta testing is next.

8.2.1. Genesis Digital needs beta testers

8.3. Karta allows you to track all your affiliate accounts

8.4. Conversion Tracking

8.4.1. Use conversion pixels to track when and on what channel a conversion occurs

8.4.2. Use link shorteners PrettyLink Lite Download Here It's a free link shortener Advantages

8.4.3. Use custom URL's

8.5. Managing breakdowns

8.5.1. Don't hire again people who consistently let you down.

8.5.2. It's important that there is effective communication and accountability when managing a breakdown. Most of the time, people who understand the 'why' you are holding them accountable, will find ways to meet your expectations. Your team can only be as strong as your weakest member.

8.5.3. Acknowledge your team members when they do a good job.

9. Other Notes / comments

9.1. Kartra

9.2. WebinarJam3.0

9.2.1. Official Launch August 14 - September 1