various forms of energy and their inter-conversion

ICSE, Physics, Grade 7

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various forms of energy and their inter-conversion by Mind Map: various forms of energy and their inter-conversion

1. mechanical energy

1.1. definition

1.1.1. with the exception of energy in fuels, all forms of kinetic and potential energy taken together

1.2. muscular energy

1.2.1. posessed in the muscles of animals

1.3. example-a mixi grinding something

1.4. inter-conversion

1.4.1. when an electric drill is used to bore a hole in a wooden block, smoke starts rising- mechanical to heat energy

1.4.2. when two stones are rubbed together- mechanical to light energy

2. heat energy

2.1. the energy which causes the sensation of warmth or coldness

2.2. when the heat changes the water to steam in a pressure cooker, the steam lifts the weight on top of the lid and whistles

2.2.1. this shows that heat energy has the capability of doing work

2.3. inter conversion

2.3.1. in steam engines- heat changes into mechanical energy

2.3.2. preparation of chemical compounds-heat changes into chemical energy

3. light energy

3.1. the energy which causes the sensation of vision

3.2. when a strong beam of light falls on fine dust then the dust moves

3.2.1. this proves that light energy is capable of doing work

3.3. inter-conversion

3.3.1. when light falls on silver salts coated on photographic plates- light to chemical energy

4. sound energy

4.1. the energy causes the sensation of hearing

4.2. when an object breaks the sound barrier the buildings will fall

4.2.1. this proves that sound energy is capable of doing work

4.3. when we speak in front of microphones-sound to electric energy

5. electric energy

5.1. the energy which is produced due to the movement of electrons in good conductors

5.2. used for running electric fans

5.3. inter-conversion

5.3.1. in electric fans- mechanical energy changes into electric energy

6. magnetic energy

6.1. the energy possessed by iron or steel to attract or repel iron like substances

6.2. when a magnet attracts iron towards itself

6.2.1. this proves that it is capable of doing work

6.3. inter-conversion

6.3.1. in electric generator- mechanical interacts with magnetic enegy and changes into electric energy

7. chemical energy

7.1. it is a kind of hidden energy in the atoms of elements or compounds

7.2. chemical energy of petroleum changes into heat energy as we use it

7.3. inter-conversion

7.3.1. in chemical energy changes into electric energy

8. nuclear energy

8.1. the energy holding the nuclear particles within the nucleus of an atom

8.2. when the nucleus of a heavy atom like uranium or plutonium is smashed it releases nuclear energy in the form of heat or light energy