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Globalisation by Mind Map: Globalisation
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Allows capital inflows in both the manufacturing and financial markets

Sharing of technologies

Free trade allows for greater specialization of labour

Higher salaries


Political Impacts

Focus more on how world events are now interconnected whether good or bad.

Role of United Nations

greater involvement in world events, Humanitarian efforts, Military intervention, Terrorism


Fall of regimes, Egypt, Libya

Change of leadership style

American Hegemony

World military and police force, terrorism, 'rogue' states

involvement in regional/domestic politics, Middle east, Korea, China-Taiwan

Role of Media

as political tool

as platform of discussion

Political lobby groups

power of internet

sharing ideas creating communities

Environmental Impact


Deforestation, Soil erosion, Extinction of flora & fauna, Flooding, Haze, New node

Global Warming/Climate Change, Higher temperatures, Erratic Weather changes, Melting of ice caps


Conserving Energy Supply, Energy saving products, Hybrid cars

Using Alternative Energy sources, Wind energy, Solar energy, Geothermal energy

Economic Impact

Positive Impacts

Employment, Creation of jobs in LDCs esp in manufacturing industries

Negative Impact

Small countries face tough economic competition.

TNC controls the economy

Abuse of LDC. Formation of `sweat shops'

Affecting countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand,

Brain drain

Economies become vulnerable to impact of financial crisis caused by other countries

2008 financial crisis started in USA

Educational Impact

Education has to change as the context and the world has changed drastically with Globalisation  


Use of Technology to cater to the needs of the students

Able to have lessons beyond the physical classroom

Opportunities for Internationalisation


Stress on Teachers

Globalisation Divide: Haves and Have-Nots