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Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in 1911 by Mind Map: Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in 1911
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Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in 1911

My Job as a Toll Collector

has benefits

Eight hour job that pays well

The Collectors get three breaks, two 30 min breaks and one hour for lunch

It goes against the rules if we dont get our breaks

Sometimes the toll booths are cramped, depending on which station you work at.

In the summer time, some of the booths don't have AC and in the winter time, some of the booths don't have heat, or the heat faintly works.

If the job deducts money from our paycheck for any reason, they make a note of it on your check so you know what is being deducted and why.

Labor Laws back in 1911

Children had to work long hours with the adults

The supervisors paid their employees whatever they wanted

supervisors secretly didn't obey some of the labor laws, for example, they would lock the workers inside their workplace because they thought they were stealing the products.

The workers were not allowed to be apart of unions, but they secretly joined them anyway

Modern Labor Laws

Reasonable working hours

There are better working conditions

There are safety methods to protect the workers, so that if anything happens people know what to do and where to evacuate

The employees receive a certain amount of breaks

Injuries are sustained on the job

Workers are able to join unions

Children have to be a certain age in order to work and they can only work a certain number of hours

Workers are limited to working 54 hours without overtime

Something that they have today is called Human Services. These people help you if you are having problems with your co-workers

Today, minimum wage is $ 7.25, employers cannot pay an employee less than that.

Working Conditions back in 1911

Their work space was crowded, meaning it was a fire hazard

extremely low wages with long hours of work

a lot of people worked twelve hours a day

The workers barely made ends meet

The workers are charged for a damaged piece of clothing, no matter of they damaged it or not.

The bosses would deduct 2 dollars out of the workers salaries during a slow season, but they workers never knew why

The Workers also lived in crowded urban districts.

Because of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, there was a huge reform in the Labor Code and Fire Safety Laws

After the Fire, there was a wave of a Progressive Era, Many Unions such as The National Consumers League, The Association for American Labor Legislation and the National Women's Trade Union League are a few organizations that were apart of the Progressive Era.