How to beat Test Anxiety by Malvin Li

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How to beat Test Anxiety by Malvin Li by Mind Map: How to beat Test Anxiety by Malvin Li

1. Resources

1.1. Create a study group

1.1.1. Just like how groups can help you complete a project faster, they can also help you study more efficiently.

1.1.2. Not only can they provide you with help, you can provide them with help and solidify your own learning as well.

1.2. See if you can find old exams to use

1.2.1. While textbooks and notes are great, studies show that they have relatively low utility when compared to practice exams

1.3. Ask when you need to

1.3.1. If all else fails, ask your TA or Professor. They may help you if possible.

2. Preparation

2.1. Practice Questions

2.1.1. Use practice questions to test your comprehension of the material. Studies show that practice questions have utility when it comes to studying.

2.2. Practice Exams

2.2.1. Like practice questions these all have very high utility. But try treating these exams the same as real ones so that you can familiarize yourself to the experience.

2.3. Flashcards

2.3.1. Using flashcards to study also has high utility. Memory recall is the fastest way to entrench new material in your mind.

3. Motivation

3.1. Watch motivational videos

3.1.1. If all else fails, watch some motivational videos. Maybe they have the answer to your problems.

3.2. Imagine yourself with the grade you want

3.2.1. Visualize the grades and feeling that you will get if you start studying. Don't think about the negative, but that will simply drown you.

3.3. Just do it!

3.3.1. Sometimes, you won't find the motivation you seek. Sometimes, you just need to start studying; the hardest part about studying, is starting.

4. Organization

4.1. Create a schedule

4.1.1. Creating a schedule for yourself can provide you direction if you have more than one class to study for.

4.1.2. Remember to schedule in some breaks as well so you can avoid being overwhelmed.

4.2. Have your resources nearby

4.2.1. Having a lot of resources is great, but what's the use if you can't find them?

4.3. Complete your work on time

4.3.1. If you complete your work on time, that'll you keep up with your schedule and avoid being overwhelmed.

4.3.2. This also makes sure that you are current and up to date, so that you won't fall behind.

5. Be Healthy!

5.1. Get enough sleep!

5.1.1. Get enough sleep in the days leading up to the exam. You don't want to end up with sleep debt on the day of the test!

5.1.2. Staying up all night to cram may seem like a good idea, but it's not. Studies show that students who take tests exhausted often perform worse than well rested students.

5.2. Avoid having too much caffeine.

5.2.1. Having too much caffeine before a test can elevate your heart rate and increase anxiety.

5.2.2. Caffeine won't wake you up! It works by preventing you from getting more tired.

5.3. Exercise when you can!

5.3.1. Exercising can be a useful tool in alleviating stress and giving your mind a break.

5.4. Eat healthy and drink the right amount of water!

5.4.1. Eating the right foods will keep you energized and prevent a potential crash from happening.

5.4.2. Keeping hydrated will help in avoiding fatigue.