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Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Mobile Apps

1. Classroom Managment

1.1. Class Dojo- This app helps with student behavior and keeps the parents informed about student progress. ClassDojo on the App Store

1.2. My Class Rules-is an app the helps monitor noise control. It has a visual that will help with students of all ages. MyClassRules - noise monitor & classroom management app for teachers to help manage behavior and motivate students to work quietly on the App Store

1.3. TapTeach- is an app that connects students through Bluetooth and they are able to complete assignments/games assigned. This helps with student engagement. TapTeach Discovery : An engagement platform for educators and their students on the App Store

2. Math Games

2.1. BrainPop- This app has many options. You can use this for math games and student engagement. BrainPOP Featured Movie on the App Store

2.2. Zap Zap Math- is an app that helps with K-6 math skills. It has an option for games and fact practice. Zap Zap Math - K6 Math Games on the App Store

3. Reading

3.1. Epic!- is an app that has many books for kids of all ages. Epic! - Unlimited Books for Kids on the App Store

3.2. Rocket Speller- is an app that can help with spelling. This is recommended for ages 3-7, but could help with your ELL or Special Education students. Rocket Speller on the App Store

3.3. Grammaropolis- is an app that helps with grammar skills and puts them in a fun way. Students don't even know they are learning! Grammaropolis on the App Store

4. Communication

4.1. Sono Flex Lite- this app allow students to learn vocabulary words or helps with teaching language skills to ELL students. This could also be used to help lower functioning student to communicate. Sono Flex Lite on the App Store

4.2. Remind- this app helps with communication with students and parents without giving out your phone number. Remind: Fast, Efficient School Messaging on the App Store

5. Curriculum Organizing

5.1. is an app that helps with math and science planning with pre-made quizzes for students and teachers. on the App Store

5.2. Planboard- allows teachers to organize and create lesson plans. Teachers are also able to attach standards with lessons. Planboard - Lesson Planner for Teachers on the App Store