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Volyn Region, Ukraine by Mind Map: Volyn Region, Ukraine

1. Location: north-west of Ukraine

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2. Lakes of Volyn Region

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3. Lubart's Castle vol 2

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4. Svitiaz Lake (Svityaz) | Volyn region (Western Ukraine) | The deepest lake in Ukraine

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5. Administrative center - Lutsk, total area - 20,144 km2, population - 1,036,891, number of towns -11, number of villages - 1053.

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6. Volyn region is famous for the tallest monument to Taras Shevchenko, a famous Ukrainian poet, which is located in Kovel.

7. Volyn Oblast - Wikipedia

7.1. Number of districts: 16

7.2. Urban-type settlements: 22

7.3. Villa-museum of Lesia Ukrainka, a famous Ukrainian poetess is found in the village of Kolodiazhne, not far from Kovel

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7.4. Volodymyr-Volynskyi historical-cultural complex

7.5. Lubart's Castle - Wikipedia


7.7. Світлана Весна "Мій рідний край"


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