Causes Of Pollution

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Causes Of Pollution by Mind Map: Causes Of Pollution

1. Introduction

1.1. Pollution is the contamination of the environment by introduction of the contaminants that can cause damage to environment. Pollution also causes discomfort to humans and other living things. Pollution like water pollution, air pollution and sound pollution is the biggest challenge that the world is facing today. It began damage to Mother Nature.

2. Article 1 : Water pollution

2.1. Disposal of sewage waste in housing estate

2.1.1. When we flush the toilet, the waste has to go somewhere and it is usually being pumped untreated into the sea.

2.2. Disposal of industrial waste from factories

2.2.1. Chemical fertilizers used by farmers also add nutrients to the soil which is drain into rivers and seas.

2.3. Disruption of sediments

2.3.1. During construction work, soil, rock and othee

2.4. Oil slicks

2.4.1. 12% of the oil that enters the oceans comes from tanker accidents ; over 70% of oil pollution at sea comes from routine shipping.

2.5. Plastic

2.5.1. Plastic is light and floats easily so, it travels enormous distance from the drain to the river and lastly the oceans.

3. Article 3 : Air pollution

3.1. Combustion of fossil fuels

3.2. Agriculture related activities

3.2.1. Ammonia which is common in product is most hazardous gases in atmosphere.

3.3. Mining

3.3.1. During the process of mining, minerals in the Earth's crust are extracted using large equipment.

3.4. Household cleaning products, painting supplies

3.4.1. Toxic chemicals creates some sort of smell which makes it literally impossible for us to breath.

3.5. Suspended particle matter

4. Article 2 : Noise pollution

4.1. Machines in various industries, mills and factories

4.1.1. The noise from the machine's mechanical pneumatic drills, saws and rotating belts.

4.2. Agricultural machinery

4.2.1. Trashers, tube

4.3. Household utilities

4.3.1. Common sources household noise

4.4. Household behaviours

4.4.1. Banging of doors, crying of infants, moving furniture, loud quarrels, house renovations and playing of children contribute to indoor noise pollution.

4.5. Transportation

4.5.1. The numbers of automobiles on the road are increasingly becoming overwhelming owing to automobile renovation in urban settings.

4.6. Loudspeakers

4.6.1. Public use loudspeakers during elections and

4.7. Military services

4.7.1. A good deal of noise pollution is added to environment by military tanks, explosions, shooting practices, military airplane training and rocket launching.

4.8. Electrical devices

4.9. Alarm system

5. Conclusion

5.1. As a conclusion, pollution caused by human bad behaviours. In this era of technology, human busy pursuing a better life causes them to neglect the importance of Mother Nature. We should raise awareness about environment issues in order to overcome the pollutions happen in the Earth.